Mental Health Platform for Health Systems 

Diagnosis • Triage • Monitor  

Rapid, reliable mental health triage and clinical consultation with research-grade asynchronous telepsychiatry, built for businesses that serve clients 

6 university research trials funded by foundations and U.S. federal government

Over 550 videos of patients used the AsyncHealth asynchronous process

Asynchronous Telepsychiatry results have been published nationally in prominent medical societies and conferences, including...

Benefits of Async Health 

Mental health AI-augmented video platform to meet health systems’ complex needs 

Patient uploads video and data for AI analysis 


Rapid feedback via bot-driven interview


Patient referred to appropriate level of care, with psychotherapy and/or medications 

Cross-platform “lab test” for depression & anxiety

Avoid unnecessary ED visits and hospitalizations


Healthy Workforce and Healthy Nation 

Collaborative, AI-augmented psychiatry scaled to the needs of health systems 

Discover the benefits with Async Health’s technologies: 

Patients engaged and actively submit own data in a simplified platform. 


Payers collaborate with providers to monitor outcomes of groups of patients who have regular AsyncHealth reviews 

Provider receives objective, stratified diagnosis and recommendations integrated in electronic health record systems 

Research-driven, proven in clinical trials

Asynchronous telepsychiatry — led by innovators at the University of California, Davis — can cut costs and decrease time to diagnosis, all with high satisfaction by both psychiatrists and patients. Our results have been published in the Journal for Medical Internet Research. 

Testimonials from ATA or UC Davis collaborators

“We were excel files and sharing notes earlier. Moving to Sales Close helped our sales process become more efficient.”

Jay Shore

ASB Dealers

“It’s simplicity simply blows away the competition. Onboarding new sales team members is a breeze”

Keisuke Nakagawa

Auto Fasteners Ltd

“The smart lead scoring and predictive calling feature has helped us increase our conversions by 200%”

Kirk Pipes Ltd

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We designed the first iteration of the platform, complete with clinical trials. AsyncHealth Platform is for enterprise health systems, schools, and clinical research organizations (CROs) and  who want to get expert psychiatric patient care recommendations, in less time.

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