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2979 Quarry Rd, Pebble Beach, CA 93953

Unlocking Faster Mental Health Support: AsyncHealth TeleTriage Puts You in Control.

With TeleTriage, patients get diagnoses, treatment plans, and referral recommendations, all in a 24- to 48-hour turnaround time. TeleTriage’s patent-pending video technology allows patients to answer doctor’s and nurse’s questions without cumbersome measurements or questionnaires —just like they would in a clinic, but from the comfort of their own home and on demand. 

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Unlock a new way to assess patients, and go beyond chart review e-consults.


AsyncHealth TeleTriage allows you to easily view patient interview responses and search through transcripts, as if you were seeing them say their responses to standard psychiatric interview questions. TeleTriage provides semi-structured interview responses without the need for you to interview them. No more cumbersome questionnaires or unreliable surveys! 

The AsyncHealth TeleTriage Tool ("Asynch") uses a novel asynchronous telepsychiatry process that we have shown enables psychiatrists to assess more patients and increase their, and their health systems revenue, in a way that is clinically effective in diagnosing and recommending treatment plans. We know that this works as the initial process has been tested in three research trials at University of California, Davis (UCD) over the past decade, resulting in 19 research and policy publications.

UCD has become an equity holder in Asynchealth and is currently evaluating the integration of the Asynchealth app with their IT stack and EMR. An important economic outcome of the implementation of "Asynch" is that psychiatrists who do our assessments can save about 50% of the time that they usually take, and we predict that with our triage process will also save at least another 10% of their working days by receiving more appropriate referrals.

We have estimated the revenue gain per psychiatrist to be between $30-80k per annum because of their increased productivity and efficiency. As such our primary customers will be health systems and any clinical environment where psychiatrists work or are employed. By implementing "Asynch" widely we will, to a great extent, remediate the current workforce shortage of psychiatrists, as well as permanently change the way that psychiatrists work in the future. 

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